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CVORR will produce a methodology for systems analysis of waste-producing processes that combines micro and macro approaches to assessing the value of these flows. Value is a complex variable with impacts and benefits in multiple dimensions including the environmental, social and economic.  It cannot be ‘collapsed’ on to a single parameter. The time-dependence and variability of multiple values must be considered.

The CVORR methodology will allow more objective evaluation of interventions intended to recover resource from waste  It moves away from an ‘end-of-pipe’ paradigm, where impacts on the wider system are poorly understood, towards a whole-systems approach that aims to prevent dissipation of value into waste and optimise the complex value of the whole system. The methodology draws on expertise in environmental, economic, engineering and social sciences; it is a radical interdisciplinary departure from established notions of waste management, developed with a large group of industrial, commercial and policy-making stakeholders during the Catalyst stage.